IKE RMA Process

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2019 12:10PM MDT

ikeGPS Technical Hardware and Software Support.

Please follow these steps in order address any Technical issue ASAP with minimal loss to production

  • User sends an email to support@Ikegps.com to initiate a Hardware or Software technical inquiry.
  • OR User calls ikeGPS Support 1 + 720 381 1634 / 1 + 844 445 3477 x 3
Support team will receive initial customer contact via ikeGPS Support desk and record as many details as possible and determine the course of action.
  • Data points required:
    1. Device Serial number [This can be located on the underside of the unit in a small white box ex:1600xxxx]
    2. Recent history and unit behavior
    3. User Account details: user login ID
    4. IKE OS version
    5. IKE Field version
    6. Contact details
      • Name of customer or POC (Point of Contact)
      • Phone number
      • Shipping Address
  • The course of action may include
    • Technical Training/Guidance for user to address issue.
    • Hardware/Software issue
      1. Software update process description
      2. Hardware replacement [RMA Process initiated]
       RMA Process:
  • The warranty is validated for the user 
  • User sends their IKE Unit with the associated RMA number back to our ikeGPS Broomfield Office
  • A replacement (RMA) unit is shipped via FedEx to the user.